Non-profit coalition in need of cards, paintings, crafts for seniors


A recently formed informal coalition of non-profit leaders called Indian River CARES is in need of cards, paintings, crafts or any kinds of “room brighteners”. These will be delivered to seniors living in local facilities as a reminder that they are being thought of by the community in this challenging time.

Due to COVID-19, seniors have been even further isolated from their loved ones. As a group, Indian River CARES thought of a way to brighten their day in an old-fashioned way— the small act of sending a card or a craft had these seniors smiling from ear-to-ear.

So far, the coalition has delivered over 300 cards as a reminder that they are being thought of by their community in this time of isolation. Children’s groups including Boys and Girls Club of Indian River County, Gifford Youth Achievement Center, and adult groups including the Environmental Learning Center, White Glove Moving and Storage and Premier Women’s Networking Group have made the first contribution of cards.

CARES, standing for connect, advocate, renew, educate and strategize, is working on ways to “best serve our community” says Barbara Schlitt Ford, Indian River CARES Facilitator. “We wanted to share our belief that hope and human connection will triumph in the end. This pandemic has forced us to stop and think about what is truly most important and at the end of our journey, what will always remain is the importance of helping where we can. We invite the community to join us in this effort and hope it will be something we continue even after this challenge so that this special group of adults feels the critical connection to the larger outside world for the rest of their lives.”

Indian River CARES aims to have 1,200 more to get a first round of deliveries to senior groups and seniors that would like one. Indian River CARES is available to pick up batches of room brighteners if needed. Please email for questions.

Indian River CARES is a coalition of nonprofit leaders that initially came together in the spring of 2020. Their goal is to build bridges between nonprofits so that they can be knowledgeable about the services provided in Indian River County and to encourage collaboration between community organizations to most efficiently use limited resources. They also work together to bring resources and speakers to help one another, strengthen staff, board of directors, and processes for the benefit of those served. Indian River CARES works to connect community members and businesses with their organizations. CARES identifies community issues and work together to help solve them. “We firmly believe that together, we are better!”

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