11 year old donates majority of 50/50 raffle winnings back to IRSC Foundation

news release

Holiday spirit and good will permeated the Indian River State College (IRSC) Winter Festival this past December. The celebratory event, hosted by the IRSC Foundation for College employees and their families, became immeasurably more uplifting when 11-year-old Kaylie Woodruff—daughter of Janice Woodruff, IRSC Master Instructor of Mathematics—donated the majority of her 50/50 raffle winnings back to the College. The money was awarded as a scholarship to IRSC Nursing student, Kristina Kelly.

“I was honored when I found out I was the recipient of this scholarship,” shares Kristina Kelly. “The fact that it came from a young girl who truly just wanted to make a difference in someone’s life made it even more special. Her kind gesture took so much of my financial stress away—I can’t thank Kaylie enough!”

L-R: Janice Woodruff, Kaylie Woodruff, Kristina Kelly, Ann Decker and David Liddle

Kaylie Woodruff was holding the winning 50/50 raffle ticket the night of the Winter Festival and, instead of keeping all of the money, made the selfless decision to donate most of her winnings back to the College. She kept a small portion for herself to put towards an iPad she wanted as a Christmas gift.

“My mom told me that the rest of the money would benefit a student at IRSC through a scholarship,” stated Kaylie Woodruff. “I didn’t need the money and I wanted to help someone who did.”

The IRSC Foundation is accepting scholarship applications for the 2021–22 academic year and application deadlines begin January 31. For more information on available scholarships, contact Sherri Monds, Scholarship Development Coordinator, in the IRSC Foundation office at 772-462-4786 or visit www.irscfoundation.org.

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