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Does it matter whether the Vero Beach stormwater utility is a fee or a tax? Come on folks, we are talking about protecting our greatest natural asset – the Indian River Lagoon, from its greatest threat – ourselves.

I don’t care what Ron DeSantis decrees regarding Covid, I will continue wearing a mask in public places. Just keep in mind that my “personal freedom” space extends six feet from my body, so enter at your own risk.

The Three Corners Steering Committee has agreed upon a “final” design it is recommending for the properties on either side of Alma Lee Loy Bridge. The devil is in the details of course, which should be determined before voters decide it is safe to approve a referendum in November. Why? Because if you approve the referendum, those properties will probably be removed from City Charter protection.

Good-bye Flight Safety, hello Vero Beach Flight Training Academy. Same pew, different church.

Last weekend a visitor from the Outer Limits of Washington DC came to speak at the Indian River County Fairgrounds. Her crowd was estimated at 300. Sheriff’s deputies were there to keep a lid on the half dozen or so protestors who showed up. The speech was originally scheduled for a restaurant, so 300 probably exceeded expectations.

Here’s what is happening outside our nutshell.

Yes Virginia, there is a pandemic. India is leading the way – apparently. With no way to accurately count the number of infected people (Statistics they report are considered a fraction of actual cases and deaths), India will probably surpass the US in grim statistics. Many countries that experienced a milder form of the coronavirus early on, have largely been unprepared for what is happening now. On the other hand. The US. and UK, which were overwhelmed at first, are now setting a positive example for the rest of the world. Brazil is somewhat of an outlier, experiencing grim numbers early on as well as grim numbers today because they suffer with a leader who still denies there is a pandemic.

In the UK, Prince Philip Was laid to rest at age 99, but Queen Elizabeth still rules at 95. She is already the longest serving monarch in English history so what keeps her going? Trying to outlive Prince Charles so he doesn’t get the job?  

The Oscars were a big disappointment, especially the Best Actor climax. Everyone expected Chadwick Boseman to win posthumously, but 83-year-old Anthony Hopkins won instead. Apparently Hopkins was so confident Boseman would win that he was home asleep in Wales.

Tired of all the competing interpretations of today’s news? You may want to consult the list of the top ten fact checking sites: click here.


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