Regarding the stormwater utility…

Reader response Ken & Deb Daige

Editor’s note: In response to our “News Nuts” post, the Daiges made the following important points in their response. This is certainly a serious topic and readers are invited to share their opinions and facts:

Vero Beach has not done an environmental study and the only information the city council is observing is from Melbourne north to Titusville. We did a public records request and there is no environment impact study on file because none has been done; there is only the ‘how to charge a fee and bill study.’

Even after any ‘improvements’ to the street system, there is no plan to initially test or monitor after to check for status or perceived progress.  The so called (expensive) ‘study’ was on how to bill us – nothing else.

To begin with, Indian River County, Orchid, Indian River Shores, Wabasso and the Moorings do not have a plan, nor do they intend to.  Septic and Sewer are not addressed.

The city cannot repair or change US1, A1A, Indian River Blvd, 17th Street or Rt 60 – all major roadways that drain into the Lagoon.  There is no plan to discuss this with any of the proper authorities for a County-wide storm management plan.

Sebastian’s storm drains do not filter pollutants and drain directly into the Lagoon.

Monty Falls tried to tell them the city has already budgeted for specific projects.  And the city has not budgeted for employees for the (#2) Street Sweeper, even though that was considered in last year’s budget.

This is a fee:

that requires by State Statute money for a special assessment committee, that will be accessed by both the Tax Collector and Property App raiser for added fees, that will include extra fees accessed to the property owner for County government property assessments including park structures, that will include extra fees accessed to the property owner for City government property assessments, including park structures, that if questioned by the property owner has to include a specified engineers property assessment, all of this on the property owners property tax bill with no sunset clause or fee cap.

Vero Beach is being expected to pay for the County at large. Ken & Deb

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