Your voice can make a difference

Letter to the Editor

Arthur White

Editor’s note: Arthur White is a Vero Beach resident.

Many people have made their concerns known to the city council and yet the council is moving forward. Why must they only focus on an expansion a “WANT”?

The current boat building would be replaced by a building triple its size.

For the small percentage of boaters who live in the city, this does not warrant for the millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money that may be spent on this massive expansion. Furthermore, no marketing study has been done and over $600,000 of the city taxpayers (the people’s) money may be spent on just the plans. 

The council’s focus is not primarily on the polluted lagoon and the struggles of the manatees or sick marine life, or the quality of life in the neighborhood but on a huge dry storage building and more boat slips, why? What or who is driving this massive expansion?

Yes, for safety reasons, repairs and upgrades, at the marina, are long overdue and are a “NEED.”

Continue to spread the information, attend the meetings and let your voices make a difference! 

Please sign the petition below and send a message to city council.

Petition · Stop the Vero Beach Marina Expansion! ·


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