Is this a runaway tax and spending Council?

Letter to the Editor


The City Council will vote at the June 7th meeting on the massive marina expansion, which includes a new 25,000 sq ft dry storage boat shed.

The current boat building would be replaced by a building triple its size.

The Council’s refusal to fully consider alternative plans, and a lack of transparency regarding the full extent of their intentions, sent a clear message to the neighborhoods, taxpayers, and voters: “We are moving forward, regardless. Learn to live with it. The quality of life in your neighborhood is not a priority!”

The Council continually reassured the residents and stakeholders: “This is only a concept.” But why wasn’t the full plan, including a 160-vessel boat shed, revealed until the workshop?  And why, since it was “only a concept,” did the mayor say—at that same workshop—that the Council could then vote to approve the plan that very night?

The millions of dollars to pay for the 25,000 sq. ft. boat barn and the rest of this massive expansion will come from the taxpayer (the people’s money). The City has about 18,000 residents. These are the people who will foot the bill, and bear the risk. The expanded boat barn is designed to benefit 160 individuals.  Why this push? Who really stands to benefit? Why have the stakeholders concerns been ignored? Who is behind this? 

The economy is a growing concern, and in this time of uncertainty, in addition to the spending for this massive expansion, the council decided to vote and pass a stormwater tax while stakeholders concerns have been and still continue to be ignored.

Attend the June 7th meeting, 9am at City Hall. Continue to email and let your voice be heard.

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