County Administrator to Step Down

news release

Jason Brown who has been the County Administrator for Indian River County since 2016, announced today to employees he accepted a position with the Clerk of the Court in the Finance Department.
Brown communicated his resignation in a letter to the Board of County Commissioners on Thursday, October 20th, writing; “I treasure the relationships that I have with you and so many other members of our community. Over the last twenty-five (25) years I have been blessed to have the chance to work with amazing coworkers and community partners to serve the public and impact the quality of life in the place where I was born and raised. I hereby resign as County Administrator. In order, to provide time for transition planning, I will continue to serve in this role through December 31, 2022.”
The Board of County Commissioners will have the opportunity to discuss the options available for filling the Administrator position on November 1, 2022, at the scheduled Commission meeting.
Brown emphasized his affection for Indian River County in both his letter to the Board of County Commissioners and to the employees. Most of Brown’s 25 years of service with the County has been in the Office of Management & Budget, where he was the Director, prior to his appointment to the Administrator position.
“My time here has been tremendously rewarding,” said Brown. “My strongest skillset and abilities are in governmental finance and accounting. I am making a personal choice to go back to those roots. I appreciate this new opportunity with the Clerk of the Court to be able to serve the citizens of Indian River County.”
Born and raised in the County, Brown has strong ties to the community and is raising his family here. Referring to his family, “I have chosen the opportunity to alter my work life to provide more quality time with the people in my life, I cherish most,” Brown wrote in his letter to employees.

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