Fight pollution: plant a free tree

news release

Let’s Cool Our Planet, Save Our Manatee, Fishes, Birds, Lagoon and Provide Safe Habitat For Us & Wildlife. Bring the birds to your yard!

Free trees available at the Audubon House:

7 ft Southern Live Oaks in 3g pots -Produces the most insects for birds

6 ft Pond Cypress in 3g pots-Grows in dry soils also

3 ft Dahoon Holly in small pots- Small tree that needs irrigation

Visit our Pelican Island Audubon Society’s Audubon House at 195 9th St. SE (Oslo Rd) Vero Beach, FL 32962  on Sun, Wed, or Fri from 9-11 am to pick up trees. Also, Native Plants for sale! Hummingbirds will come! See our website or call PIAS: 772-567-3520

So far, we have distributed over 12,400 native trees and plants.

Trees save energy, provide shade and wind breaks for our homes, cool our cities and neighborhoods, reduce the need for fertilizers, remove carbon dioxide and air pollutants from our air, retain topsoil, save water bills, provide for birds, butterflies, fish and people. They also beautify your yard. Houses with trees sell more quickly and at higher prices.

Be sure to visit the PIAS Education and Demonstration Native Plant Garden at the County Commission building entrance.

“My vision includes not spending 64-88% of my drinking water on my lawn, instead using native trees and plants that because of their deeper roots survive in Florida’s heat without my drinking water. Turfgrass roots are only 2 inches long, while native plant roots generally reach 12 inches deep. Turfgrass requires watering every few days because of the rapid evaporation of water from the surface.  I envision no more gas-powered lawnmowers and blowers producing CO2 and waking me up, but quiet electric engines that allow me to hear the beautiful songs of our birds, with lots of butterflies and bees flying around.” Richard H. Baker, Ph.D., President

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