County seeking committee volunteers

news release

The Board of County Commissioners is seeking volunteers to serve on two standing subcommittees which are part of the Children’s Services Advisory Committee (CSAC) whose purpose is to promote the health and well-being of children in Indian River County and to provide a unified system of planning and delivery within which children’s needs are identified, targeted, and addressed. 

Subcommittee members are appointed for a two-year term.  The vacancies are on the Grant Review and Program subcommittee and the Needs Assessment and Planning subcommittee.

The Grant Review and Program subcommittee responsibilities include:  review and revise requests for proposals (RFP) based on determination of need; and to set priorities, make recommendations for funding to the advisory committee, conduct program evaluations throughout the funding period, and schedule and attend site visits to funded programs.  This subcommittee meets for 1 hour each month from January through May and for 3 days in June.

The Needs Assessment and Planning subcommittee begins the grant cycle each year by establishing the needs of children within Indian River County using needs-assessment and asset mapping data, and by providing short and long-term plans that meet the objectives of the CSAC.  This group meets for 1 hour each month, November through January.

To learn more about the CSAC and to apply online, visit

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