66th Ave roadway widening project

news release

The 66th Avenue widening project continues to move forward.  Beginning February 28th, the County’s contractor, Halley Engineering Contractors, Inc., will close 69th Street just east of 66th Avenue for the installation of a box culvert.  It is anticipated this bridge which crosses over the Lateral A canal, will be closed for 120 days.

“The need to widen roads is a direct result of growth in the County and safety for our residents and visitors,” said Michael Zito, Interim County Administrator.  “We recognize road construction is a headache for residents and visitors alike, and ask for patience as the team works to execute this next component of the project.”

The 66th Avenue closing of 69th Street (east of 66th Ave.) is one of five bridges being replaced or modified to improve the crossings over waterways.  “The 69th Street box culvert will be a significant improvement, this concrete structure improves the traffic flow while allowing the conveyance of water in the Lateral A canal, through concrete culverts underneath the road way,” said Kirstin Leiendecker, Assistant Public Works Director.

The overall 66th Avenue widening project consists of widening and reconstruction of the existing 2-lane roadway to a 4-lane roadway section.  An 8-foot-wide concrete sidewalk will be provided on the west side of the roadway.  A total of 5 bridges and a box culvert will be replaced or modified.

The bridges included in this project are as follows:

53rd Street Bridge:    Next in line, bridge to be replaced, closure tentatively scheduled for March 14, 2023, and will occur simultaneously with the 69th Street box culvert installation.

61st Street Bridge:    Replacement bridge under construction now, bridge scheduled to reopen by April 1, 2023.

57th Street Bridge:    Bridge will be modified, closure scheduled for later in the 2023 year.

65th Street Bridge:    Bridge will be replaced later this year (2023), closure scheduled for 120 days.

66th Street Bridge:    Bridge over the North Relief Canal – bridge construction has 2 phases to maintain traffic flow on 66th Avenue.  The new Southbound Bridge has been completed and traffic flow from the Northbound Bridge side has been shifted to the Southbound side to allow for construction of the new Northbound Bridge.

The overall project started June 1, 2021 and is expected to be completed during the 1st quarter of 2024.  “We are sensitive to our citizen’s frustration with such a comprehensive road project, but given weather, utility constraints and supply chain material delays, the project is proceeding as quickly as possible,” said Leiendecker.

For more information contact kcopeland@ircgov.com or 772-226-4329.

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