The PJ, even the PJ, now questions strong-arm tactics of Moss

Editor’s note: In a recent editorial, the Journal editorial board finally questioned the strong-arm tactics of Vero Beach City Councilwoman Laura Moss. (The newspaper has yet to report on the unprecedented outside contributions Moss received from Florida Power and Light and Indian River Shores residents.)  The board, which until now has offered unquestioning and unqualified support for all thing FPL, is now urging the Council to thoroughly assess the utility giant’s latest offer to acquire Vero Electric.  “A review of a potential FPL deal will not occur overnight and must include thorough analysis of future settlements with the city’s existing power providers, the Orlando Utilities Commission and Florida Municipal Power Authority,” read the editorial.  Regarding the rate differential between FPL and Vero Electric, the Press Journal and FPL have long used each utilities 1000 KWH rate as a benchmark for comparison. Accounting for a 6% franchise fee, that differential is currently 8.7%.


Vero Beach Mayor Laura Moss delivered her fellow council members and city electric ratepayers some good news recently: She expects Florida Power & Light Co. to deliver the city a letter of intent to purchase Vero Beach’s electric operation. Continue reading...


  1. We do not want our representatives to accept any deal until it can be thoroughly studied. Strong-arm tactics are for North Korean leaders and other bullies. Could not read the PJ part of the article. I am glad the PJ isn’t pleased totally with our Mayor.

  2. Mayor Moss, Harry Howle and Lange Sykes have turned Vero Beach into a vassal state of FP&L and Indian River Shores. In addition, trying to place a gag order on an elected official is heavy handed, wrong and totally Un- American.

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