FPL’s parent company didn’t pay Federal tax for 8 years, got $313 million in credits


Since 2016, Florida Power and Light, the monopoly consumers are forced to pay if they want electricity in Miami, has been accused of the following: Leaking radioactive wastewater into Biscayne Bay; trying to trick consumers into giving up their rights to solar power; attempting to stash radioactive waste in an area that could possibly leak into Miami’s drinking water; unjustly raising rates on consumers by $811 million; paying off bigoted State Sen. Frank Artiles via $2,000 in Daytona 500 and Disney World trips; and even just straight-up writing their own bills in the state legislature. Despite all this, its parent company’s stock price hit an all-time high of $133 per share on Friday. Continue reading…

One comment

  1. Isn’t it interesting…. Trying to offset taxes with solar projects that don’t make economic sense. I wanted to show what a total flop the FPL Martin County Solar plant was but Bob Brunjes of TcPalm made sure nobody reads the “Oct 30, 2015 | Eve Samples: FPL’s Martin solar plant was a test project with mixed results” article by taking it down….

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