Laura Moss: Self-described ‘queen’ of Vero Beach

Mayor Laura Moss recently described herself as a “queen.”

Speaking to a group of children gathered for a tree planting event, Laura Moss recently introduced herself as the Mayor of Vero Beach. “What’s the mayor?,” one child asked. Moss replied, “Well, the mayor is like being the queen.”

Given the way Moss has recently muzzled discussion of the proposed sale of Vero Electric, it seems she sees her self-described role as “queen,” not as a ceremonial one, but more as that of a monarch with absolute power and authority over her subjects.

Last Tuesday, when civic activist Brian Heady appeared before the City Council during public comment time, he sought to make a public records request related to the proposed power sale.  Moss had Heady removed from the meeting.  By the time City Attorney Wayne Coment could offer Moss guidance on the likely illegality of barring Heady from the meeting, he had already left City Hall. Likely, he was headed home to begin preparing a lawsuit against Moss and the City.


  1. It appears the title of Mayor has gone to her head. Not even close to being the same as a Queen, Princess, Governor, Commissioner, Sheriff, Chief of Police or other important positions. All of them come with responsibility and need to show respect for others (among other things).

  2. So nice to see we have a royal family running Vero. Heady’s mistake was he did not properly address ‘Queen Laura” with the proper title, namely “Your Royal Highness.” From now on anyone addressing the “Queen” , “Sir Sykes” ,or “Earl Howle” should properly address them and either curtsy or bow. Of course this does not pertain to ” Lady Amy” and the “Lord Mayor” who really runs Vero.

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