What’s behind push to shed City assets?

In anticipation fo sale of Vero Electric, is City Council trying to raise cash and downsize?

Is Vero Beach City Council trying to relinquish assets such as the River House and marina?


Over the past few months, City Council has started the process to potentially sell one property and hand over management of two city-owned facilities.

Some call it exploring new opportunities for the city. Others call it a mission to monetize. Continue reading…


  1. Zudans equates the Seaside Grill operating at Jaycee Beach, which was proceeded by the Sea Burger, with opening what is essentially a bar in MacWilliam Park. But whether what is intended is a bar or a flower shop, the bottom line is that the City Charter protects this land from sale or lease for commercial use without voter approval. Perhaps Zudans is not aware that a concession has been operating at Jaycee Beach for more than 50 years, long before protections were placed in the City Charter to prevent commercialization of public lands. Either Zudans is not aware of this history, or he just does not care, which seems more likely. To him, existing laws and regulations standing in the way of his goals are simply impediments to be overcome.

  2. I addressed this at a recent City Council meeting because I was perplexed by the fact that we have charter protections for certain city-owned properties, but they don’t seem to be “protected” at all. There is talk about a vote needing to take place, but I didn’t hear the city attorney address that issue. He instead talked about giving a concessionaire lease or something along those lines. I see taking the ability to rent the River House away from the general public as different from Seaside Grill (I still call it Seaburger from my childhood days) and the cavernous and empty building that now houses Walking Tree Brewery. As Mr. Schumann says, the city charter did not have the same protections way back when. I don’t know if Walking Tree was leased under the current charter, but it was a rehab of a cavernous, empty and forgotten building. The River House is not in the same category. It is used and used frequently! I have been to countless events there. That kind of access is important for our citizens.

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