1. Are these two pictures of the same guy? I have bad hair days/weeks, but what happened to the clean-cut local guy whose one supporter spoke so highly of?

  2. Well, let’s just say Sykes is sporting a new look. If he runs for re-election this fall, it will be interesting to see if his handlers send him for a haircut. Surely one of his Shores patrons will pick up the tab.

  3. Lange Sykes has a different look, but so what? My son is a 20-something and experimenting with his hair in the same way. One of my boys grew his hair the whole first half of college, but now has extremely short hair. We women do it all the time. I don’t think we should take issue with Mr. Sykes’s hair. Let’s talk about REAL issues.

  4. Three points. First: Sykes is clearly in the experimenting stage. It’s just too bad that, while he explores his identity, he is also experimenting with carving up the City. Second: He sure did not sport this look when he was trying to convince the people of Indian River County that he is mature enough to represent them in the Florida Legislature. Third: It will be interesting to see if Sykes will still be “experimenting” with this look if and when he runs for re-election. I’m not objecting to adolescents or young adults exploring their identity. I object to this young adult being so sure of his plans for dismantling the City. Maybe after Sykes grows up he will not be so hell-bent to tear down.

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