County approves contract to buy Dodgertown property, decision rests with City October 2


The County Commission today voted 4-1 to approve a formal contract  for purchasing the former Dodgertown Golf Course from the City of Vero Beach. Commissioner Solari was again the lone opposing vote.

A final plan for the property is not firm, but several options were discussed. The County is awaiting completion of negotiations with Major League Baseball to take over operation of Historic Dodgertown from the O’Malleys, which could include incorporating this property into their plans. If that does not happen, several conceptual plans were presented that would maintain the green space while creating recreational and conservation uses.

While the contract represents a firm offer, final decision rests with City Council, which is currently considering a proposal from Hulbert Homes, Inc. to develop the property for commercial use. City Council will decide which offer to accept at their October 2 meeting.

One question brought up at this morning’s meeting was whether the buyer could “flip” the property and sell to a third party. The County would not consider that as an option under any circumstances. It remains to be seen if Hulbert Homes, Inc. would consider it.  This story will be updated.





  1. Isn’t ironic that Solari the former city councilman was I believe on council for the original purchase of the property. All you suckers that voted for him rather than Jay Kramer deserve what you got.

  2. The Vero City Council should be listening to the many ,many people who want the golf course sold to the county. There are so many good reasons to NOT build on this tract of land. The reasons are many and varied to NOT sell to a developer, and in fact there are too many to mention. We can not let three people ,one of which who is not seeking re-election, destroy our city.

  3. You are right in pointing out that actions Howle, Zudans and Sykes propose will greatly harm the City. It is important, I think, to remember who supported their election effforts. All three of them were heavenly backed by outside interests, namely FPL and Indian River Shores. Sykes, for example, took in 90 percent of his campaign contributions from wealthy Shores residents seeking to gain control of the Vero Beach City Council. Throughout Sykes campaign, then IRS mayor Bryan Barefoot was singing the young man’s praises. (As it turns out, Sykes has the attention span of a coconut, and he makes DJT look like a deep thinker.) It is also worth noting that IRS leaders recently sold off precious waterfront public lands. The move reflects the same brazen and callous disregard for the quality of life of others.

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