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With an election coming up and the opportunity for voters to replace one of the three men who have perpetuated what amounts to a theft of the public trust, it is difficult to imagine how anything could prevent restoring order and good will to our governing Council.

But alas, someone has come up with a way for those three men to maintain their grip on authority. Two candidates, both opposed to the current Council’s actions, Linda Hillman and Brian Heady, were disqualified under questionable circumstances and then reinstated, but too late for the November 6 election.

One of those candidates, longtime resident and volunteer on City committees, Linda Hillman, has been vocal about what is happening at City Hall, and was likely to take that critical third position on the Council. But, in the second major issue to be decided at today’s City Council meeting — setting the date for a postponed City election — her fate is being decided by the same City Council she is running against.

Three seats will be decided in this election, two currently occupied by Tony Young and Laura Moss, both of whom are asking to be re-elected. They both opposed many of the majority’s decisions, but have been powerless to stop the three person majority who votes in tandem on unpopular issues.

The current ballot lists four candidates: Moss, Young, Bob McCabe and Robbie Brackett.  Councilman Zudans is holding a fundraiser at his home for Brackett, yet he, Mayor Harry Howle and outgoing Vice Mayor, Lange Sykes, will be deciding on the fate of Hillman and Heady.

To learn more about these candidates’ views, you should read the answers they provided to questions posed by the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce. Read here….


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  1. Well, the three of five appear to be in control, but somehow it seems undemocratic for those 3 to hold the fate of the election in their hands. But, where is a Jimmy Stewart when you need one? Where is that knight in shining armor? Where is that organization that can put a stop to this underhanded, political trickery? I suppose WE are all we have – one vote at a time….

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