Thanks but no thanks



In case you didn’t notice, the Indian River Shores weekly held a ‘contest’ to rename Vero’s “Three Corners.” Apparently the editor felt Three Corners was “a name that is arguably even more stupid than the idiotic sobriquet ‘Twin Pairs.’ (Do the words ‘stupid’ and ‘idiotic’ even belong in the same sentence as ‘sobriquet?’)

While I am sure Vero Beach residents appreciate the efforts of his “90 or so local residents” to come up with a name he believes Indian River Shores residents would approve of, it should be noted that ultimately the citizens and City Council of Vero Beach are responsible for making that decision, not an editor and his neighbors north of town.

I would also note that the Indian River Shores weekly has consistently denigrated many decisions made in Vero Beach and the Indian River County that surrounds them. If this publication is the voice of Indian River Shores, it seems to be a somewhat negative voice. Since many Shores residents are true friends and supporters of Vero Beach, they may want to advise the editor in question to more accurately reflect their views and take his bitterness out at a gym.


  1. Milt Thomas came up with a solution that made sense. The participants in the contest had some good names. It gives the City Council a good starting point for naming the area. Maybe they can agree on something, for a change.

  2. Oops. Guess I was confused. I enjoy your posts, Milt. You cover many items of interest in the community. I forgot that 32963 did the “naming contest”. I do like the winning entry and feel the public will have the chance to let the council hear more opinions.

  3. Thank you, Milt Thomas. I suppose it doesn’t hurt anybody that 32963 chose to run a contest to name an area outside the Indian River Shores ‘jurisdiction’. Maybe we in Vero Beach can figure out a new name for Indian River Shores. No, that is juvenile in nature, and we have enough of that kind of behavior in D.C. Ultimately, as you said, we the folks who live in Vero Beach and care enough to vote should be the ones to make that decision. It isn’t a matter of life or death.

  4. The name invites pondering if we will need to re-name it Bi-centennial Place some day.
    How about Power Point Park & Marine Center that includes some history of the parcel, derived from prior usage, and incorporates suggestions from the residents during the City’s public workshops and the Chamber of Commerce, in 2015 & 2016.
    Shouldn’t we also wait to hear what the two engineering consultants, who responded to the City’s RFP request, suggest following “the engagement of the community” in their design process?
    Their suggested uses may dictate that we consider even another name to identify the parcels.

  5. Even if the winner of the 32963 poll is the best name, which it isn’t,I would oppose it because of all the harm Indian River Shores has done to Vero Beach. Think the re-use water issue as well as other intrusions into Vero life. Home Rule is the best rule. Vero for Vero!

  6. The former power plant land and the wastewater treatment land are both protected in The City of Vero Beach Charter. The city voters voted twice to protect these two properties in the city charter; first in 2007 and then in 2014. The voters voted the second time with more votes than any elected city official ever received. The ‘naming’ rights, as well as the use, of these parcels belong to the Vero Beach City voters; not the mayor, not the city council. Low key workshops where city residents voice their ideas and concerns for city council to be aware of would be of less cost to the city taxpayers and a good start.

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