Will Zudans run for re-election?

“I don’t really want to be there, and I don’t need to be there.” – Vero Beach Mayor Val Zudans


Val Zudans

During an interview broadcast on local radio last week, Vero Beach Mayor Val Zudans sent mixed signals on whether he plans to run for re-election.

“The only reason why I ran for the City Council was that I wanted to make sure the electric was solved…mission accomplished…and I won’t run again unless there is a compelling reason, unless there is something I actually want to accomplish,” Zudans said.

Mayor Zudans made clear he does not particular enjoy public service. “I don’t need to sit there. I don’t need to take the negative stuff,” he said, later adding, “I don’t really want to be there, and I don’t need to be there.”

But is there anything on the City’s agenda Zudans wants to have a role in, or to accomplish? Certainly he seems set on seeing that the public land north and south of the Alma Lee Loy Bridge is placed in the hands of commercial developers.

“The only thing I could see that would prompt me to run again would be if, for some reason, the Centennial Place (Zudans’ name for the Three Corners property), issue I had something to do with, or something that I wanted to accomplish there,” he said.

In explaining why he wants to allow commercial developers to determine what to build on the old power plant site, Zudans said, “I want the community to be involved, but the community is not a developer. Government and bureaucrats think they know how to develop things, but they have no clue.”


  1. I must be confused. According to Val Zudans, government, bureaucrats and the community don’t have a clue about how to develop property. While our Mayor is a reluctant city councilman he does seem intent on his own agenda. According to the interview, Dr. Zudans ran for office because of the electric plant and may run again only because of his personal vision of what he calls Centennial Place. In his own words, Dr. Zudans doesn’t like public office, doesn’t need to sit there and doesn’t want to be there. Since he falls in the category of government, a bureaucrat and a member of our community, apparently he too doesn’t have a clue about how to develop “Centennial Place.” Perhaps this decision should be left to those who care more about our community.

  2. Dr Zudans will find a reason to run again,but it will not be an easy win,if he wins. His over reach and subsequent loss at his proposal to fast track the Three Corners site will not help him get re-elected.
    Despite the fact there are many questions concerning this site,his rush shows his intentions to develop without the necessary answers to many questions. Thankfully ,his motion to move ahead without answers to critical concerns was troubling and defeated.
    He should be reminded that the residents of Vero are watching his actions.

  3. When Mayor Zudans says,” I don’t really want to be there,and I don’t need to be there”, he is correct . With an attitude like that Zudans should not run. This statement should eliminate his re-election.

  4. I wonder if Zudans actually realizes just how poorly Vero residents will think of his asinine legacy…. Probably not.

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