VB City Council candidates invited to speak at Tuesday Council meeting


The eight candidates running for two open seats on the Vero Beach City Council have been invited to each give three-minute presentations at the Tuesday, October 15 Council meeting. The meeting starts at 3:00 p.m. and can be viewed on Comcast Vero Channel 13 or on the City of Vero Beach website. Here are the candidates along with links to their campaign websites or Facebook pages (includes only those posted by the candidates themselves, not by other publications) :

Brian Heady website (none)

772-696-4242 brianheady@msn.com

Bob McCabe website

248-421-7301 robertjmccabe@aol.com

Nick Thomas website

772-713-1782 nthomaslaw@comcast.net

John E. Cotugno website

401-864-1289 johnecotugno@gmail.com

Jeff Nall website

321-368-5093 PoeticSurprise@gmail.com

Rey Neville website

772-226-0118 reynevillevb@gmail.com

Joe Graves website

772-473-5641 joe@gravesthomas.com

Estelle Panagakos website (none)

772-494-3039 Beachcrab10@aol.com


  1. Hi Milt. My campaign website is


    I would appreciate it if you would put that in your piece.

    I will not campaign at a City Council meeting. It’s inappropriate. I’ve told Laura as much.

    But, as I say in my website, I’m available to chat with the public most every day. I try to be at Rio Coco downtown on most days at 11:00

    Thanks for getting busy on the upcoming election. I’m happy to chat with you any time. I have lots of direct answers to direct question, if only someone would ask.

    Nick Thomas.

  2. Hi Nick! I am hoping to hear from all candidates before putting up anything about each one. I will use your website copy at that time. Good luck on your campaign!

  3. Hi. I’m pointing out that you have the wrong website link for me in the above story. Will you please replace it with the correct one?

    Thanks. Nick.

  4. Hi Milt. I’m asking you to please replace the incorrect website link you have for me in the above story.

    The correct link is


    Thanks. Nick.

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