Love Doctors to imp for the chimps at Waldos Dec 6, 2-7pm


Lee Olsen, general manager of the well-known, all-American “hang-out” Waldos Restaurant announced that on Friday,  Dec 6 from 2-7 The Love Docs will be doing their show live, collecting new Teddy Bears and Blankets and Bananas to donate to Save the Chimps, the world’s largest chimp sanctuary, located in Ft Pierce Florida.   Over 250 retired chimpanzees now live in large family groups on 12 separate three-acre islands, where they receive three fresh meals daily, first-rate medical care, and a variety of activities in an enriched environment.

“The Chimps, much like children, love to snuggle bears and blankies. And eat bananas.  Anyone who brings in a new item will be entered to win some cool prizes” Olsen said.

Save the chimp people staff and volunteers will be on hand as well as the Tito’s Vodka girls.

Hairpeace to follow Love docs for your dancing pleasure.

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