There are NO confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Indian River County (amended by editor)

Editor’s note: Sometimes a clarification has the reverse effect. Please see the comments below that clarify this confirmation.


To confirm:  There are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Indian River County.

Some cell phone providers incorrectly translated the voice message into something different.  Please listen to all recorded messages distributed by this office and disregard translations.

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  1. Just to be clear, “No Confirmed cases” is not at all the same as “No cases” for the simple reason there is about a 12-day lag between date of infection and confirmation. That is, the statistics we are looking at are a snapshot of the situation 12 days ago.

    This article: should be required reading for all.

    Based on the rate of geographical dispersion seen in Florida in recent days, It is quite possible–if not likely–there ARE MANY cases in Indian River County at the current time, we just don’t know it yet.

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