We now have a number of “conceptual” plans for Three corners to choose from, but why haven’t we considered the most obvious choice of all?

These two riverfront properties are protected on behalf of Vero’s citizens for future recreational and park use, aren’t they?

So, shouldn’t that be the number one objective in any conceptual plan?


  1. Yes, you would think that what we asked for was likely what we’d get – recreation areas – not a hotel or other commercial property.

  2. The city voter chose to take the decision out of elected officials’ hands when in 2007 and again in 2014 the Vero Beach voters approved the land under the former power plant and current wastewater treatment plant to be placed in the city charter for protection from commercial development. The voter has the last word and only by referendum can they be asked to vote and choose to change their current position from recreation-park use to commercial development.

  3. Hi Milt.

    Well said above.

    The 3C plan is unworkable. Expectations are way too high. Better we go back to square one.

    We’ve learned a few things from Andres, people made their voices heard, and it hasn’t cost us a ton (thanks Council).

    We have a $5 million annual hole in our budget owing to the FPL giveaway.

    Sadly, that needs to the one and only civic issue for this election.

    It’s a building year.

    Thanks. Nick.

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