Bonnie Bolton exhibition features new work at Center for Spiritual Care

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Bonnie Bolton opens an aptly named show Saturday, Nov. 7, at the Center for Spiritual Care in Vero Beach. She calls it “The Unbound Imagination.”  It will consist of her signature shadow-boxed assemblages that conjure a world of innocent wonder and amiable warmth. 

“Fresh Fish” shadowbox by Bonnie Bolton is 24″ x 18″

“Bonnie tells stories that make us feel better without ever slipping into nostalgia or sentimentality,” says Carol Ludwig, the Center’s executive director. “Her work is full of charm and it can be very funny.  It’s the perfect stress-buster for this moment.”

Bolton, who has been making art in Vero Beach for more than 20 years, last exhibited at the Center in 2017.  Of that show, critic Ellen Fischer said:

“To the sensitive soul, the implied backstory of any one of the tiny characters in Bonnie Bolton’s painting and assemblages serves as an irresistible magnet.”  Fischer called the work, “always whimsical, and often tongue-in-cheek.”

The exhibition will be open for viewing by appointment.  Viewers should call the Center at 772-567-1233 to arrange a time.  CDC and state COVID-19 guidelines will be followed and masks required to be worn by all Center visitors.   The Center for Spiritual Care is located at 1550 24th Street, two blocks north of the Main Public Library, in Vero Beach.

For more information about the Center visit 

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