Please take this seriously, folks


Covid-19 is not a hurricane but it could be worse.


We are being inundated with headlines reflecting a world in crisis. Every continent except Antarctica has reported cases of the COVID-19/coronavirus and some have already experienced terrible losses. Here at home, most states are reporting cases, while only a few are previewing what could happen to all of us.

Incredibly, some people are still posting comments on social media that this is a hoax, much ado about nothing, an attempt by the media and “left wing liberals” to conspire against the president. True, he belittled warnings at first, but is now ramping up the federal resources to battle this dangerous disease. It is time for his supporters to follow suit and like him, treat this as the crisis it is.

If you have lived through hurricanes, you know the media headlines scream that a major storm is coming and sometimes it comes in force, other times we are spared. It is the media’s job to warn people about the potential of a storm, or in this case, a pandemic. We know to take hurricane warnings seriously and no one mocks them as a conspiracy against the president.

Treat this as a category five storm about to hit our shores. If the pandemic turns out to wreak havoc on us, be thankful we had plenty of warning. If it doesn’t, you should still be thankful we had plenty of warning, because it may have prevented the worst case scenario. Everyone needs to be on board with this crisis!

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